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Fresh water. It’s the lifeblood of civilization and one of the greatest natural resources in the world. We depend on pure water to live, clean, power industry and provide for recreation. In Butler County we celebrate all the wonderful uses of our water.

We are fortunate to sit atop one of the largest underground reservoirs of fresh water in the United States: The Great Miami Aquifer. Running more than 65 miles along the western portion of Ohio and eastern Indiana, the aquifer makes more than 200 million of gallons of water available each day for commercial and residential use. Despite the usage, the aquifer’s water level has remained the same for 40 years as the reservoir replenishes itself primarily with rainwater.

This abundant supply of water powers our industry and life in Butler County. Miller-Coors, for example, uses it to brew beer that is consumed across the country. Our food producers and manufacturers rely on the aquifer for their operations.

Related to the aquifer is the Great Miami River, which runs through the heart of our county. In addition to providing internationally-recognized drinking water, the river serves as a marvelous community resource for boating, fishing, skiing and other recreation. For example, the Miami University Rowing Club uses the Great Miami as its base of operations. The river also offers some of the best inland smallmouth bass fishing in Ohio. The dozens of creeks and streams in Butler County connect our communities, from the smallest township to our largest cities.

Raise a glass to Butler County.  You’ll whet your whistle for sure.

Great Miami River Downtown HamiltonRower on the Great Miami RiverStone Bridge