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Property Tax Appeal


Media Release
- March 14, 2024 

Contact Judi Boyko, County Administrator, Butler County
(513) 887-3032


BUTLER COUNTY, OHIO – The Board of Commissioners reminds all Butler County property owners the 
county board of revision is accepting complaints relating to the valuation or assessment of real 
property. The board of revision investigates complaints of such valuation, among other powers, in 
accordance with laws of the State of Ohio.

Complaints to the valuation or assessment of real property can be filed until April 1, 2024.

In an effort to counter unprecedented inflationary increases in residential property valuation, 
last November the Butler County Board of Commissioners voted to grant a reduction in property taxes 
for 2024.  With that action, the Butler County Commissioners waived in 2024 nearly $6.0 million 
dollars in property taxes collected, directly benefiting the taxpayer.  The reduction in property 
taxes is a result of managing finances, constraining the growth of government and expenses, and 
collecting greater revenues.  The County's financial position is extremely solid and the Board of 
Commissioners extended benefit to the taxpayers.  This year is the second time in three years the 
Butler County Board of Commissioners reduced property taxes for all property owners.  The first was 
in 2022.

Although the Butler County Commissioners granted some property tax relief, the Board recognizes its 
share of a property tax bill is minimal when compared to other taxing entities. Unable to affect 
other taxing entities’ costs, the Board of Commissioners reminds all property owners they may be 
eligible to appeal through the board of revision process.
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Board president Cindy Carpenter acknowledges the increase in property taxes levied this year most 
severely impacts those families and residents struggling financially.  “Our County cannot be 
considered financially solid unless families have housing and children don’t go to bed hungry,” she 

“We tried to modify the formula the State uses in calculating property values.  Prosecutor Michael 
Gmoser and I tried for over a year to champion a change; Sheriff Jones and I testified at the 
State, lobbying for relief for the taxpayer.  Bureaucracy didn’t budge,” said Board vice- president 
Don Dixon.  “I’ll continue to challenge the State, and at this time, the board of revision
is the last option for a property owner to seek any relief.”

Board member TC Rogers emphasized, “Butler County has so many exceptional amenities and resources 
that strong property values are to be expected but shouldn’t be exaggerated by the State Tax 
Commissioner because of inflationary conditions.  If the taxpayer has a potential remedy, we want 
them to know about it.”